“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” ~ Winston Churchill

Today I had the great good fortune to watch Gyula Pandi teach a large class of dancers.  The dancers ranged in age from 8 years to adult, levels ranged from Intermediate to professional.  Quite a challenge for a guest teacher!

Mr. Pandi instantly won the hearts of his students with his lighthearted and joyful attitude.  Soon he had the younger dancers giggling.  The advanced dancers were flushed with pleasure.  Mr. Pandi’s attitude was infectous.  No one wanted that class to end!

Mr. Pandi loves what he does.  And all he asks of his students is that they also love what they are doing.

Years ago, I attended an intensive summer dance program.  Almost all of the teachers were wonderful.  But one teacher was totally without energy.  She would come to class, sit on the bench, and direct class in a monotone.  No corrections, no jokes, no explanations.  She was probably glad when class was over and she could go home and rest.  We, the students, could not wait for her class to end!

Lighthearted and joyful vs. tired and uninspired.  Attitude makes a big difference!